Wiareone Services commercialize  fresh and frozen fruits and citrus, conventional and organic by means of a new technology  preserving all their rheological and organoleptic characteristics, that is to say, aroma, flavor and texture, just like the fresh fruit. The whole process is carried out through physical treatment, without adding any additives, leaving a 100% natural product.

Advantages of using our products


Saving you time and money. Your supplier will supply our frozen products in practical bags for your daily use.


We only use hight quality products. Collected, selected and cut from fresh to guarantee optimal quality.

Range of Products

Discover our wide range of frozen products. Citrus fruits slices, frozen fruits and other products related such as natural lemon and orange peel. With all the flavour and the aroma of the best fresh fruit. We also provide an extensive ecological range.



In only 5 seconds, a slice of any of our products regains the appearance and freshness of the best newly cut lemon, adding aroma and colour to your drink.

Saving and Convenience

Our products come already cut in slices or wedges, saving you time and effort, without the need of cutting or manipulating the product. Likewise, there is no fruit waste or remaining product since, in spite of the fact that the bag is opened, the product remains perfectly conserved.

Health and Hygiene

Besides complying with the regulations demanded by the European and American healthness and hygiene standards, we apply our own quality system, from the fieldwork up to the delivery, keeping an exhaustive record of the process, so that we can guarantee a product totally free of pathogenics and with all the virtues of fresh fruit. From the point of view of the Prevention of Occupational Risks, this product is very practical for the user since it does not suppose any risk of suffering cuts as it comes presented in the ideal format.