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I don’t feel like doom’s day - Part I

Wiare the future show- Ep.2
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By Sharon Sciammas  | 7 min |  12.4.2021

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 #1 I don’t feel like doom’s day - Part I

Episode intro:

If you are like me, your daily life is fine, sometimes even great - I don't see any 6th extinction

What am I missing?


In the next 3 episodes, we would like to set up the ground for our first session,

exploring some basic questions:

  • Where are we?

  • Dooms' day?! Where does it lead us?

  • How did we get here?

  • How can we create a better future?

4 big takeaway:



Life is great

In our day to day we don’t see/feel the impact of 6th extinction. 



No real trigger

people have a hard time to change behaviour without a real trigger.



Progress with price

In reality, humans made amazing progress in the last few. centuries but the the is a great price. 



The future?

The trends show that by 2050 life on earth could become imosimple, this is our wake up call.

2 things you can do that can move the needle 

  1. Learn - Designing Regenerative Cultures, an amazing book about creative solutions 

  2. Do - Nudge.nl, supports everyone who wants to take action for a better world

Podcast Transcript

Hi, folks. I'm Sharon. And this is the WiAre the future show. In the next few episodes, I like to set up the ground for the rest of our first season, which is the reason behind the creation of the show. How do we create a great future for humanity? What are the problems and solutions for what we call climate change? Or maybe a climate crisis? For us, at least, it's more than just a question of which technology is going to solve it, I think is a social challenge. First, it's about writing a new story for humanity, for our economy, for our culture for everyone. So let's start. Are you ready? This is huge: Earth, the sixth mass extinction event on the way, scientists warn. This is the headline from the guardian. seems there is a big problem. The sixth extinction, to be honest, it's very big, scary, and makes me want to shut down and move on with my life. But I guess it's a wake-up call, the one that you don't want to answer and the one that tells you you're gonna die, right. But my life experience is very different. To be honest, I don't feel this Doomsday. In my local supermarket, there are endless choices. I can enjoy Ananas all year long, I have access to amazing health care services, plus on-demand education and entertainment 24, seven on Netflix and Udemy. And it's springtime right now, the scene is becoming green, the flowers are everywhere. So humanity is prospering. The data speaks for itself. Global GDP grew by 5x. In the last century, life expectancy, on average is 70, 200 years ago, it was 30. 90% of the people can read and write today. 200 years ago, it was only 10%. The last few decades were the most peaceful if you compare it to the last 600 years. So what am I missing here? I think it requires us to take a deeper look, maybe even a wider one. It's not while I see and feel in my daily life. There is a bigger picture that I can see. It's like smoking, you can smoke for years. But only when you get sick, you realize it might be too late. So let's talk about the bigger story that we don't see. Here is some bad news 70% of wildlife is extinct in the last 50 years. In some parts of the world, 70% of the insects disappeared. In the last few decades. Inequality has been rising since the 70s. What does it mean? Less than 1% of the population is more than 45% of the wealth while 70% of the population is only three. This is really crazy. 45% of people have no access to drinkable water. What about global warming? co2 is the highest level in the last 800,000 years. The peak was 300 ppm. We are in 450. And that's just a fraction of what's going on out there. So here's the bottom line, we're extracting 70% of Earth’s capacity to regenerate. So we got some great outcomes, of course, but at the expense of life on Earth. What's next? This is the question. Where does it lead us? What's going to happen next? What is the trend? What is our future? Ready. So we are in the acceleration era. On the one hand, humanity’s population is going to reach 100 billion people by 2050. GDP will follow as consumption will grow. Education health is improving, supported by the acceleration of technology, our lifestyle will become more convenient, and everything is a click away. And I mean everything. In the meantime, ocean acidification co2 levels, seawater level, deforestation, extreme weather is increasing and even being accelerated. Without getting into the details. Here's the prediction. By 2050. We will extract 300% of Earth’s capacity to regenerate. Plus, the world will become very odd. It's exactly what the Guardian mentioned, the sixth extinction, which is fueled by our behavior, life on earth will become almost impossible. So maybe I don't feel this inevitable future yet. But looking at the trends, I can say: Houston, we have a problem. But this time we are used. So here we have the first step, the clarity that something is wrong is broken, and mustn't be dismissed. But before running into any solutions, which is very tempting, to be honest, let's first understand how did we get here? What went wrong? You know, it's like you're going to a doctor, and he's trying to help you. But first, he wants to understand the real behavior behind the symptoms, the real root causes analysis before issuing any solution. And that's our next episodes, how the fuck that we reach the sixth extinction. Wait, before you go, I know I dropped too many details here. And you probably want to have access to those resources. So here's the deal. Go to WiAre.one, and you will see our episode page where you can find more about this topic. You'll have access to the summary of this episode, and all the links to the nasty data that I mentioned. And if you're generous, and I believe you are sharing with others, see you in our next episode

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Your super host - Sharon Sciammas My 3 kids and a 🐈, made me become super invested in “the future”. 🌏Why? Right now we are extracting 170% of the earth's capacity to regenerate and by 2050 we will reach 300%. The 6th extinction has rolled out… I am using my 16 years of experience in product, marketing, sales, engineering to help the next generation of companies to thrive. 🌶How? Using communities, storytelling, and edutainment to co-create a regenerative future.

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Learn more:

  1. The Guardian article The 6th extinction” 

  2. The Great acceleration - the rapid change in nature/humanity since the 50’

  3. Check out global warming + Co2 growth rate

  4. Explore Inequality data and trends per country 

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