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How the f%$k did we get here? the 6th extinctionPart 2

Wiare the future show- Ep.2
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By Sharon Sciammas  | 7 min |  14.4.2021

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#How the f%$k did we get here? the 6th extinction - Part II

Episode intro:

The 6th extinction is our wakeup call - following our previous episode,

I would like to explore the real problem behind the "end of the world" phenomena.

Understanding the problem is the key to the right solutions.

Let's see how the f#*k did we get here?!


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

-Albert Einstein

4 big takeaway:



Small actions X 7.8B ppl

our daily actions and supporting systems are the building blocks that drive the 6th extinction 



Understand the ‘real’ problem

our action are a construct of our thoughts, believes and values 




for extraction

our core economic & social belief/paradigm is the source of extraction economy



Outdated Paradigm 

a paradigm shift is primary in order to solve the current crisis, tech solutions are not enough.

2 things you can do that can move the needle 

  1. Learn - “Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman”, a great book about the leading principle of building

  2. Do - use this app and measure and reduce your carbon footprint.

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“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.”

Podcast Transcript

Hi, folks. I'm Sharon. And this is the WiAre the future show. In the previous episode, I started the current journey that explored the biggest challenge of our generation. How do we escape Doomsday, the sixth extinction? Some call it climate crisis. But the problems are not only climate-related. They're also social, economic, and environmental. In the next few minutes, I would like to answer the toughest question, what is the root cause for the sixth extinction phenomenon? Why this is happening? Again, by understanding the why, we can start to explore the solutions. Let's start. You know what, before I continue, I need to be honest here. I promised you in our podcast trailer to make this show a bit different, adding more fun, and I know, the whole "end of the world" conversation is not going to make anyone happy. But I think you and I are greater than that, we can look deeper, ask questions, challenge the status quo, be fearless, but also full of hope. Even if the evidence shows that things are getting nowhere, looking at the problems and asking questions is the beginning to create a better future. So I invite you to take a deep breath, maybe even three, and stay with us, so we can both explore what is the real problem? Now, back to the question. Where was I? Yeah. What is the true force driving global warming? And the sixth extinction. At glance, The answer is simple, is the sum of all our daily behaviors and decisions. Which food to eat? Or do we keep our houses warm during winter? And how do we commute? And if we take into account those daily small actions, multiplied by 7 billion people, you can see it becomes very massive. But it's not my blame after all, or yours, your system that supports our lifestyle from food production, energy sources, transportation, financial models, and our social contract, is one objective. And this is the real driver for all these ends of the world scenario, which reminds me of something that I already heard before; Says "One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them." So what is the ring? What is the single objective we are all optimizing? growth. No, just any growth? economic one, we all ought to achieve infinite growth. Our game of life, aka infinite growth, has two simple principles, maximizing shareholder value + free global markets. This is our answer to a very complex question. How do we solve all humanity’s problems and create a better world? maximizing shareholder value plus free global market is the promised land and the answer to this question, but in reality; This is "Houston. Say again, please, Houston, we have a problem". This model is not working. If we continue to play this game with the same pace on objective, we will end up with a 6th extension thing. Why? Because this model is based on false assumptions. Here are three examples. nature is not at our disposal. It's not a resource. And sometimes it's hard to measure everything in terms of money. Infinite growth on a finite planet is leading to a dead end. People are not only driven by gaining wealth and not only motivated by self-interest. There is so much data that shows that we are also very altruistic and collaboration is far better than the competition. Before continue, here's a word from our sponsors, "Planet Earth, enjoy and breathe." So, under the hood, the problems that we see and feel are only symptoms of something bigger, we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, over again. So if you use Albert’s (Einstein) thought process, the real problem becomes very obvious our paradigm is broken. And if we continue to use it, and expecting a different result, we are insane. To put it simply. Here is my thought process, we have an outdated paradigm that doesn't hold up any more in our hyper-connected, complex, small village that we call planet Earth. There is a limit to how much we can extract from people and nature, too much co2, more acidity in the ocean, more inequality, less trees, less wild animals - has a limit. What can we do about it? That is the question that I'm asking myself for a long time. And this is the reason why I'm talking to you right now. We need to find a new model, a new meaning, a new story for humanity. So what's next? That's exactly what I'm going to explore in our next episodes. What are the principles to create this new paradigm? By the way, that's exactly why we created this podcast and our community, to explore entrepreneurs are creating new paradigms, new models, and the next economy. Wait! before you go. I know I dropped too many details here. And you probably want to have access to those resources. So here's the deal. Go to where you can find more about this topic, you have access to the summary of this episode, and all the links to the nasty data that I mentioned. And if you're generous, and I believe you are, share it with others or leave a review. See you in our next episode.

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  2. HarvardX video - “Pros and cons of neoliberalism”

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